Year 6

Junior Apprentice Week (Year 6)

One of the highlights for children in Year 6 is the Junior Apprentice learning experience and it takes some beating! This experience is rooted in the curriculum areas of design technology, maths and English. Ultimately it’s all about which team can make the most profit from selling the products they have developed... the winning team is HIRED and the losing team is FIRED!

The children were given a remit to make and sell products at the Christmas Fayre – with two teams competing to see who can make the most profit! First, they learnt their craft in a master class from an expert – in this case baking and icing cupcakes. After a tasting session, they have the opportunity to refine their products.

They then have to cost their ingredients and crucially use this information to decide on the final price that they will sell their products for, ensuring that they cover their costs and make profit on top (this very often becomes the deciding factor!). They then have to design their packaging, advertise their products persuasively and set up their stalls as well, of course, as baking in excess of two hundred cupcakes and icing them beautifully. At the fayre, they sell their products, handling the money and charming their customers.  

Throughout this learning experience, the children hold regular board room meetings in which they elect their next Project Manager and discuss some of the essential issues arising from the task.