Year 5

Trash (Year 5)

In Year 5, the geography curriculum requires children to learn about a country less economically developed than their own. In this learning experience, we wanted the children to use the skills they acquired to really make a difference to the lives of children living in poverty.

We chose the Philippines because of a brilliant book, written by Andy Mulligan which is based on his experiences of visiting a charity working to help families living on rubbish tips. Amazingly, the founder of the charity lives Chichester and agreed to come and talk to us about life in the Philippines and what happened when she met Andy Mulligan!

 On the first day of term, Year 5 came back to find their classroom knee-deep in rubbish! They spent the day finding out what it was like to carry out their usual routines surrounded by chaos. They then sorted the rubbish in much the same way that children in Manila would work, and made a shelter to act as a role play area for the rest of the learning experience.

Over the course of the learning experience, Year 5 researched the geographical features of the Philippines and how these factors affected the country’s economy. The motivation for this was to gather enough evidence to make convincing presentations which would enable them to raise money for ‘The Philippine Community Fund’.

 The current Year 5 chose to hold a Fun run, a carwash and a ‘Learn to Felt’ workshop for the local community and raised £290!