Year 4

Dahlicious! (Year 4)

To support writing as a focus area of Bosham Primary School, the learning experience of Dahlicious, with its strong writing influence, was a perfect start to Year 4. It enabled children to read and write playscripts, as well as focus on stories that raise issues with Matilda.

The hook for this learning experience was a real life visit from the main characters, well… Mrs Schutte and Mrs Weeks in the roles of Miss Trunchbull and Miss Honey. These characters came into the classroom and instantly gave the children the feeling of what it must have been like to be in Matilda’s class (not very nice, I’m sure!).

To begin our learning, the children were introduced to our Big Picture – to write and perform a podcast of a scene in Matilda. All the learning that followed, over the next three weeks were steps that we needed to take towards achieving this.

We first got to know the main characters in the book, with some mighty, scary character descriptions! Then, we explored how play scripts work – the narrative, direction, and no speech marks! Our learning then progressed to the writing of play scripts. The children peer assessed, edited and improved them, so that they we were really proud of them. Next, we listened to some real-life radio plays to become real experts. Seeing how the sound effects were made was really interesting – but how do you write the instructions to direct the sound effects engineer? A webcast by Michael Rosen concentrated our attention back to Matilda, as did a little cake to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday, and we really zoomed in on the writing of our playscript for a chosen scene of the book. After much editing and improving, the final step in our learning journey was to record the play scripts that we wrote. These podcasts were listened to by Years 3 and 4 during our Dahlicious Day – the final celebration of our learning experience. 

How excited the children were to hear their voices on the computer – it made the whole writing experience real, relevant and a great deal of fun!