Year 3

‘Becoming Me’ (Year 3)

Year 3 took part in a mind-boggling Learning Experience rooted in RE and English. We considered how the world began, how we got here and how people have tried to explain all this through story telling! ‘Becoming Me’ started with a very open-ended, animated film where something, or someone, was talking about beginning. This really got us thinking!

After this, we had visits from people from very different backgrounds, and who had very different perspectives on creation. We made sure that no one was told what to think, whether one idea was more true than another. Each idea was presented as a view that some people believe.

We had a visit from a Christian who spoke with the us about the creation story from the Bible, we had a representative from a Buddist community explaining how Buddhist’s believe that we create our own world through our thoughts and actions. Finally, we had a representative of the scientific community who came in and told us some current thinking about how scientists believe life began.

We looked at creation stories from different times and different places. We also looked at how these stories could be represented in different ways, before identifying common features of ‘creation stories’, and setting about writing our own…

Becoming Me ended with Year 3 inviting our visitors back to share our stories. I’m not sure we changed their beliefs, but if the conversations afterwards were anything to go by, everyone really enjoyed sharing their stories!