Year 2

Mr Archimedes Bath (Year 2)

This learning experience was rooted in the curriculum areas of science and art and was about all things watery! To hook the children into their learning, they had the opportunity to design and make their own boats which were taken down to Quay Meadow to float in the millstream.  While there we looked at the reflections that light created in water. We discussed the design of the boats and asked questions about why some floated better than others.

We read the story ‘Mr Archimedes Bath’ and experimented by pushing balloons into water to see what happened to the water and to feel the force that the water exerts when you try and push something in to it. This force helps things to float.

We did other experiments to find out more about things that float: we looked to see which materials floated and whether or not the shape of an object would make a difference.