With our school situated so close to the sea, it is vital that we ensure all of our pupils learn how to swim. We start this in our Laser class (Y3) and continue this until every pupil has learnt how to swim at least 25 metres unaided using a range of strokes. All pupils continue to be taught how to swim in our Wayfarers class (Y4) even if they are able to swim the 25 metres. If a pupil is still not able to swim the 25 metres after this, they will continue to be taught until they can if Sunbeams (y5) and Catamarans (Y6).


We use the Westgate swimming pool, in Chichester for our lessons, and we have a range of swimming coaches and staff who provide the lessons. Alongside learning to swim we also teach our pupils the importance of water safety with regular visits from the RNLI and also the CYE staff. 





Water Safety Tips