PE and Sport Funding

Schools receive additional funding to support Sports and PE development.  

Please see below for details of how we have spent our funding and how we plan to spend it in the current financial year. 

PE and Sports Funding 2017/2018

Total Amount of Funding Received

( including B/Fwd from previous year)

£ 17888

How was this money spent?


Teaching Time- money allocated to PE/ Sport specialist teacher to mentor staff, team-teach PE sessions. Outside training opportunities for teachers. Additional swimming tuition for a non-swimmers in Y 5. . Staff training in implementing Daily Mile initiative. Attendance at competitive events. Provision on additional sporting opportunities in curriculum time

£ 5673.91

Equipment- including:  kits  for competitive events, travel to and from sporting competitions, replacement equipment for PE and Sports lessons, trophies, badges and awards for sports day, swimming and running events

£ 2513.11

Total Spend:

£ 8187.02

Balance C/F to 2018/19

£ 9700.98

Impact of this spending:

  • Increased participation in competitive events – most especially in running with school representation in competitive events increasing from approx. 7% of the school to 15%.
  • A wider variety of competitive events attended including: cricket, tag rugby, netball, swimming, athletics, dance and football.
  • Before and after school sports provision provided for 100% of available sessions.
  • National Child Measurement Programme ( for 2017) shows that our pupils have a much lower proportion of Reception and Year 6 children on role who are overweight or obese. We believe that this is as a  result of our drive to support an active and balanced approach to life and providing children with a wide variety of choice in their sporting endeavours.

PE/Sports Funding for 2018/19

Total Amount Expected to be received: 



Balance C/F from last year:


£ 9700


    £ 25700

How do we intend to spend this money?



Teaching Time: As last year, to employ a specialist teacher to work alongside staff to upskill their teaching


Anticipated spend: £8365

Equipment: Planned replacement and renewal of  equipment and other resources that need updating.


Anticipated spend: £ 1500

Daily Mile: Purchase of line markings for the playground to mark out the Daily Mile track for all year round use


Anticipated spend: £ 1000

Outside Gym Equipment:To provide more play and sports fitness opportunities for whole school


committed expenditure: £8500

transport to competitive events for children      anticipated spend: £500

provision of additional sporting opportunities ( during curriculum time and after school )


Sports Partnership membership: To provide access to wider CPD opportunities for staff, increase in  competitive events , liaison with other schools.




anticipated spend: £4000




anticipated spend: £1500

Total committed so far:      £25365

Notes: In 2017-18 only one child could not swim a full 25m at the end of KS2. In 2018-19 we anticipate that all children will leave KS 2 being able to swim 25m.