Inspiring children to become independent, creative and emotionally intelligent.

We encourage curiosity and a passion for learning alongside high aspirations.

A Bosham  child will leave us with the skills needed to be a successful learner, a portfolio of memorable knowledge and an understanding of the world around them.

At Bosham Primary School, we believe in making learning exciting, fun and simply unforgettable. By the time the children leave us, they will have blossomed into independent, creative and emotionally intelligent learners who achieve well.

We believe that children learn best when they are excited by their learning, and so we do much more than teach the National Curriculum! Our approach – through Learning Experiences – means we teach and learn differently. Each learning experience is rooted in two or three areas of the curriculum. These are taught in depth, allowing the children time to explore and develop key knowledge and skills in these areas. An exciting and engaging hook into learning makes the experience simply irresistible, and the children know at the outset exactly what they are setting out to achieve in the form of an ‘authentic, high quality, outcome. Learning experiences can last any length of time; from just a single week to eight!

Our core values of independence, creativity and emotional intelligence underpin each of our learning experiences. Each learning experience will be framed by an enquiry question which will encourage the children to think philosophically. The enquiry question and the focus on ‘key concepts’, which are based on our core values, ensure the children develop connections outside of the curriculum. They encourage personal development and thinking skills which do not necessarily fit within a subject box.