Assembly Focus


Our assemblies are where we have our daily act of collective worship for our pupils, which is normally broadly Christian.


Monday = PSHE Focus for the week, e.g. To show one another care and respect.

  • Every Monday morning, children in every year group undertake a PSHE focussed lesson which is then drawn together through this assembly.  


Tuesday = Class Assembly

  • This is a chance for each class to have a moment of reflection that is relevant to their learning experiences in that class.


Wednesday = School Values Assembly.

  • This is where we embed and recognise the core values and why they are so important.


Thursday = Celebration Assembly

  • This is where we celebrate where pupils have demonstrated core values, achieved in sport, music or other curricular areas such as maths.


Friday = Singing Assembly

  • This is where we practise songs for productions or school songs.


Other Assemblies Held at Bosham

  • Sports for Champions - This is an athlete who discusses what it takes to be a top athlete to inspire the pupils.
  • Authors - throughout the year we have a variety of authors to inspire the pupils in their writing.
  • We also have visitors from local churches who retell Bible stories and share the moral of these stories.
  • Locality Secondary schools.
  • Safety visits from the RNLI, Fire Service and NSPCC (Speak Out Stay Safe).


Every week we have a different artist we use and share with the pupils to give them exposure to a variety of music such as Latin, Black British, Classical, Film Composers, Rock & Groundbreaking Female Artists.


Music for 2023-24 Assemblies


Autumn Term 1.1. = Latin & Black Artists                                 (to celebrate Black History month)


Week 1 - Rodrigo Y Gabriela



Week 2 - Gipsy Kings


Week 3 - Camilla Cabello


Week 4 - Nina Simone


Week 5 - Stormzy


Week 6 - Alicia Keys


Week 7 - The Sugar Hill Gang



Autumn Term 1.2. = Classical & Composers


Week 1 - Claude Debussy


Week 2 - Johannes Brahms


Week 3 - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Week 4 - Hans Zimmer


Week 5 - John Williams


Week 6 - Christmas Carols / Nativity rehearsal focus



Spring Term 2.1. - Rock


Week 1 - Fleetwood Mac


Week 2 - Queen

Queen - IMDb


Week 3 - Paramore


Week 4 - No Doubt


Week 5 - The Beetles


Week 6 - Foo Fighters


Spring Term 2.2. - Ground-Breaking Female Artists


Week 1 - Tina Turner


Week 2 - Mariah Carey


Week 3 - Taylor Swift


Week 4 - Beyonce


Week 5 - Dolly Parton



Summer Term 3.1. - Bands


Week 1 - Destiny's Child


Week 2 - Abba


Week 3 - Corrs


Week 4 - Bon Jovi


Week 5 - No assemblies due to SATs


Week 6 - Coldplay