An Extract from my Diary of Hindleap Warren - aka How to become a MUD MONSTER!

Monday isn’t the muddiest day of my life any more. It is now today.

We did the Forest Adventure, which should be called the Mud Central Adventure. On Level One [least glutinous], we tracked Toby the instructor and checked for dropbears [this is where you need Dropbear Protection Sticks over your head like horns] and played Hindleap Hide and Seek [really funny!] The best bit was squerching through Rhododendron River [it should be called that!] and the Mud Olympics [muddy puddle obstacle race, Super Squidgy Synchronized Swimming and, for the grand finale, the Mud Monster Long Jump of Doom]. Also the Mud Warpaint was great! We learnt about dropbears and their leathery bottoms, and Welly Monsters who eats boots!