Bishop Luffa run

On Wednesday the 10th of Octobor 2012, 16 of our children took part in an 800m relay race at Bishop Luffa School.

The children all did extremely well in the cross country relay race.  The children competing in this event were:

Team no. 152

A Paige   Y5

B Jasmin  Y6

C Alice  Y6

D Amber  Y6

Team no.153

A Molly  Y5

B Cliodna  Y5

C Katie  Y5

Team no. 154

A Pierce  Y6

B Liam t Y6

C George  Y5

D Max  Y5

Also running in a team made up with children from other schools were

Jack  Y6

Bea  Y5

The course was 800m for each runner.  Although the course was flat, there was a slight hill at the end. 

We all had a lot of fun and hope to do it again soon.  Well done to all who participated!