Bosham Museum

BPS welcomed more than 100 visitors to their Bosham Museum, on the last day of half term.

A fascinating, whole school musuem was a massive success, welcoming more than 100 visitors in one afternoon!

The museum was created by the children, on the following themes:

Reception have found out about their own houses and houses in the past;

Year 1 learnt all about King Canute;

Year 2 studied our school buildings, how they have changed and why;

Year 3 used the school punishment book to find out about how things have changed since the 1950s;

Year 4 studied the changing land use in the village;

Year 5 learnt abou the changing uses of Bosham Quay throughout its history; and

Year 6 looked at the geography of our local river, the River Lavant.

A big congratulations to all of the children and teachers who created such an inspiring musuem.