News from Down-Under

The magic of technology was bought to life this week, and the world made a little smaller, as we hosted a live-internet chat with the Goldsmith family in Australia.

We have been very lucky to have the opportunity to SKYPE with the Goldsmith Family over the last two weeks. Firstly with Molly, who will be coming back to join the children in Year Six and then with George, who will be returning to Year Four. We also caught glimpses of Rosie, who will be joining reception when she comes back! The children in years 4 and 6 were mega-excited to see their friends who looked really well and happy. We can't wait to hear about all their adventures when they return. Some of the highlights have already included Molly seeing a real Koala in a supermarket (make sure you ask her about that!) and George telling us all about handball which he is going to teach Y4 when he returns! 

As you may remember Team Goldsmith headed off on a wonderful adventure to Australia at Christmas time last year. They have spent a year living and working in Australia - Molly and George have been at a new school and done lots of travelling (learning to surf and fish!) - they even have Australian accents! On the 19th December, they will be flying back to the UK and will be ready to start term with 
the rest of us. We are very excited to welcome them all back to Bosham Primary School. 

Paige Mannweiler and her family will be headed back to Australia, after catching up with the Goldsmiths in Windsor to share their adventure stories... we will miss her very much too and hope she will keep in touch on her return.