Eco Garden Opening

On Friday, we were delighted to welcome representatives from HSBC to officially open our Eco-Garden.

We were delighted to welcome our guests from HSBC on Friday.  Miss Alexander spent the first part of the morning with Year 4, sharing her amazing experiences in Ghana, with the Water Aid project.  Then, we dressed up in our wooly hats and coats and headed to the garden, to be joined by Year 5.  

Albeit still lovely, the garden is at rest now, during the Winter, but the children were still proud to share with our visitors the ethos of the garden and their hard work to make it beautiful.

Thanks to Sue and Andy from HSBC for the highly informative morning - it really opened our eyes to the lives that other children have.  Thanks also to HSBC for your support in making our Eco-Garden such a wonderful part of our school.