Baked Potatoes & Ice Pops

What better way to understand hot and cold, than to design and make a lunchbox to keep a baked potato hot and an ice pop frozen.... all the way until lunchtime?!

Today the Year 4's put their science knowledge to the test!  To end their latest learning experience, they were tasked with designing and making a lunchbox to keep their lunch hot and cold, until lunchtime.   

What wonderful investigators they were, when they tested various materials for their insulating properties!  What super presenters they were, when they role-played being molecules in solids, liquids and gases!  What amazing scientists they were when they found out how to use thermometers and measure the effect of outside temperatures on cooling and heating!

The baked potatoes were all, without exception, hot and steamy at lunchtime.  The ice pops ranged from icy to a rather pleasant chilled drink!

Well done Year 4 and many thanks to Mrs West, who oversaw the outside catering ;-)