Magic Matilda

Last night, 50 impeccably behaved children, 16 fabulous parent helpers and 6 super staff whisked their way to London's West End for a unforgettable night at Matilda The Musical.

Oh, what a night!

Immediately after school, we boarded the double-decker coach - 50 children (Years 3 and 4), 16 parent helpers and 6 staff - for what was a truly memorable night!

The children had been counting down to Matilda, every day at school, for a long time - infact, we'd already been counting quite a while, when we hit the "40 days and 40 nights" mark.  

The coach ride was lots of fun, with some of the children never having been to London before.  We passed iconic sights, such as the Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square and the London Eye, all beautifully illuminated, as if just for us.  

We arrived at the theatre just in time for a quick toilet break and to find our seats.  The show was simply fabulous - wonderful choreography, very clever lyrics and stunning voices.  It was true to the Roald Dahl text that we have studied, whilst having a few twists and turns on the way.

The stars of the show, however, had to be our Bosham children, who were breath-taking.  They were, without exception, fantastic.  Amidst their obvious excitement, they were all sensible, considerate and polite, throughout.  The high points of the evening were, for me, watching the children, watching the show.  They were utterly consumed by the spectacle and the joy, that was so evident on their faces, will remain with me for a long time.

The journey home was a quiet one (Zzzzzzz) and we returned to school, just before the coach turned into a pumpkin.

Huge thanks to the parent helpers who accompanied the trip and to the parents who collected their children, so punctually.  We couldn't have done it without you.  The staff were, as always, brilliant - on hand to answer questions ("Are we nearly there yet?"), play  endless rounds of Eye-Spy and prepare the sick buckets (thankfully, not needed).

However, the standing ovation must surely go to our children.  Bravo!