A Whale's Story

Year 3 have been an a whale of an adventure exploring the life of a Blue Whale.

Whilst sitting on the carpet in the year 3 classroom we heard some quiet noises and decided to investigate where they were coming from. The children used the augmented reality app Aurasma on an ipad to locate the source of the noise. When they held the ipad up to the book 'A snail and the Whale' a Blue Whale appeared and asked for their help; he had woken up lost in a jungle and didn't know who he was or where he came from. The children became scientists to research Blue Whales in order to create a non-chronological report.The children used video clips and the internet to research and found out some amazing facts. We spent time thinking about living things and compared the stuff that all living things have in common and the ways in which they are different. We investigated food chains and adaption and the children became experts on these areas. When it came to writing about Blue Whales we explored lots of different writing styles - notes when researching, bullet points for our plan and fantastic sentences for our final piece of writing. The children focused on using stunning starters for their writing and have produced some amazing reports on the Blue Whale. Well done year 3!