Ready, steady, GLO!

Today was the first day of our Golden Learning Opportunties.  How I wish I could bottle the atmosphere buzzing throughout our little school this afternoon to be able to share it with each and every one of you! 

What an amazing way to end a fabulous half-term!

Despite the drizzle, our basketball players; cross country runners and Forest School team headed off into the gloom to have a wonderful afternoon of fun. Delicious smells of oat cookies wafted through the school, while the hairdressers practised braiding and making conversation with their clients. Meanwhile, drama students and musicians got to work on their projects while the photographers focussed this week on creating portraits. In the hall, much more energy was being expended, with the first sweaty session of kickboxing. Tucked away in secret corners, there were children knitting and cross stitching, while in the year three classroom some children were learning to become first aiders and tying each other up in knots (or were they bandages?!). In one classroom, children poured over their Lego models as they set about building a Bosham Village model together, while another little group went to visit some of our friendly residents at Britannia Court and returned to school buzzing with news from the summer. Our computer fans spent time using programmes to develop their own pieces of unique artwork and had you listened closely enough you might have heard the muffled bells of Holy Trinity ringing as two of our year four children learnt to play for the very first time.

What a wonderful way to spend a Friday afternoon – children of all ages coming together to pursue areas of learning that they are passionate about and working alongside real experts who share their love! None of this would be possible without our willing crew of volunteers who arrived in their hoards to help support this wonderful project in our school. Thank you to each and every one of you!