Marvelously Muddy Hindleap Warren

On October 1st, our amazing Year 6 class, assisted by Miss Wordley, Mrs Neville, Mrs West and Mr Davey (thanks to you all) spent a terrific week at Hindleap Warren activity centre!

On October 1st, we awoke to one of the biggest adventures of our lives... We got our sleepy selves onto a spacious coach bound for Hindleap Warren, an outdoor educational centre set in 300 acres of muddy woodland in Ashdown Forest. It was the ideal place for the Year 6 residential!

Our favourite days were Monday and Wednesday, as we got completely covered in mud! On Wednesday, we waded through a stream and swam in a mud bath (literally). Thankfully, afterwards, we drank hot, steamy chocolate to warm ourselves up!

We're not usually allowed to repeat the same word so many times in one piece of writing, but really is the best way to sum up the Hindleap Warren experience: incredibly and fantastically MUDDY!